The Inter Ordnance AKM247 Series

We are proud to present our entry level, feature packed, affordable, true to their heritage, ALL US MADE rifles of our AK small arms family: The AKM247 Series.  They are all chambered for the popular and easy to acquire 7.62×39 cartridge!

These guns are built on original Polish blueprints, which present the Cadillac of Warsaw Pact small arms manufacturing! Guaranteed!! NO crooked sights and other inferior blemishes as you will find in equally priced imports of the competition! All our guns are proudly made on NEW machinery and not on worn out 60! year old “artifacts” on which the competition builds their guns!

The AKM247 Series of AK’s are equipped with a bolt hold open, recoil buffer, nitrided barrel, extended magazine release and accept all standard AK & RPK magazines from 30-75 rounds.  They are available in black polymer or beautiful laminated wood furniture options.  We also offer a “Tactical” version that is equipped with an aluminum quad rail: the AKM247-T.

These features, together with the rugged design of the AK system and the superior, unmatched US craftsmanship of our factory offer you a product of unparalleled quality.

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